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TORQ Performance Nutrition are the nutrition products you want to use and are available online and in-store! They really do taste better - while delivering the best outcome, and are as "natural" as a sports supplement can be. Many are vegan and also using organic ingredients. The range includes bars, gels, and hydration powders for athletes with a strong focus on swimming, running and cycling. These are highly advanced nutrition products designed specifically with the endurance athlete in mind - the underlying science is top notch

They are technically excellent products constructed out of more natural ingredients than most - and have real fruit flavours.... basically making the process of maintaining nutrition and energy in high intensity situations as easy and as pleasant as possible.
The recommended rate is 3 units (bar or gel) per hour for sustained exercise but smaller people and lighter exercise may be able to get away with 2.

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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Does what it says on the can!
Unlike some others, the lid stays on over rough MTB trails.

Great good quality comfy kit, from a store where I have always had good service either in store or online.

Unsure what to say

As Australia post lost my parcel it is not really possible to review this product!

Good hi vis jacket

Great lightweight jacket, sizing is on the small size but