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Bicycle lights - to see and be seen

We have a range to suit Australian cyclists needs whether you are a roadie, commuter, tourer or recreational rider. In choosing bicycle lights, first consider your lighting purpose. Is it to see by? Or to be seen? If you’re commuting, riding shared trails or other areas without ambient light, you’ll need something bright to see your way. But if you’re on the streets in the city, the focus is mostly on being seen.
Consider:Bulb type: LED, halogen; Battery: button, standard or rechargeable USB ;Mount location: seat, stem, helmet, jacket, quick detach or fixed; Mount style: bracket or rubber strap

Metier Women's Beacon Wind Vest Gilet - Navy
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Metier Women's Beacon Jacket - Navy
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Metier Men's Beacon Wind Vest Gilet - Navy
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Metier Men's Beacon Jacket - Navy
$200.00 $399.99
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With our extensive "Bicycle Lights to See and Be Seen range," you'll be prepared for every adventure. No of the riding circumstances or time of day, our hand-picked assortment puts a wide variety of bicycle lights at your disposal, guaranteeing that you can see and be seen on the road.

Illuminate Your Ride with Reliable Bicycle Lights

Explore the many bicycle lighting solutions we provide, all intended to encourage secure and safe riding in all settings. Our selection includes a variety of front, rear, and side bicycle lights and helmet lights, making it easy for you to navigate city streets after dark or travel off-the-beaten paths at dusk. These have been carefully chosen to increase your visibility on the road, making your trip safer and more secure.

Lighting Solutions for Every Type of Bike

Our assortment goes above and beyond the conventional by offering various bike lights adapted to your requirements. We've got you covered, whether you're a road cycling fanatic searching for high-performance equipment for your adrenaline-pumping rides, a casual city rider wanting elegant yet functional lighting solutions, or a mountain cyclist needing tough and durable lights for those treacherous terrains.

Our bicycle lights greatly improve visibility and are sturdy and simple to mount, guaranteeing a smooth transition from installation to use. We provide solutions that withstand weather conditions and have simple-to-use controls to change the brightness and flash modes to suit your requirements.

Invest in Your On-Road Safety Today

Any rider should have a set of bicycle lights. They do more than simply assist you in seeing where you're going; they also ensure that others can see you. This is essential for your safety, particularly if you ride in poor lighting or weather.

With our selection of bicycle lights, you can start investing in your safety while driving. Our range is made to meet all of your requirements, giving you dependable, high-quality lighting options that you can rely on. Make each ride sparkling, improving your safety and giving your bicycle flair.

Always remember that the trip is just as important as the final destination. And what better way to guarantee a pleasant and secure journey than by equipping your bicycle with the appropriate illumination? Visit our selection right away to illuminate your vehicle!



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