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Best Cycling Gloves - We Suggest How to Choose Them

June 02, 2023

We understand the importance of having the proper equipment for a comfortable and enjoyable ride because we are both enthusiastic bikers. A nice pair of gloves is one item of equipment that is very necessary and may greatly improve your cycling experience. They shield and support your hands while enhancing your grip on the handlebars, wicking sweat away, and offering vibration absorption. The best cycling gloves can be difficult to choose because so many are on the market nowadays. We can help with that! We conducted the necessary research, evaluated user reviews, and tested several different brands and types to bring you our in-depth guide to the top cycling gloves available. We recommend every rider style, from recreational weekend riders to competitive athletes. So let's examine the main qualities to look for in cycling gloves and some of our top recommendations that meet every rider's needs.

Top Features to Look for in Cycling Gloves

To ensure optimal comfort and performance on your rides, there are a few essential aspects you'll want to look out for while looking for the ideal pair. Consider the gloves' padding first; it should provide enough cushioning to absorb vibrations and lessen hand fatigue. Finding a padding material that feels cosy and supportive for your hands is crucial because the types of padding utilised can range from gel inserts to foam cushions.

The ability to breathe is another crucial factor. Cycling gloves with effective ventilation will assist in wicking sweat away, keeping your hands dry even during those challenging rides. Look for materials that allow air to freely pass through the gloves, such as mesh or perforated fabrics. If you frequently have sweaty palms, choose a design with moisture-wicking qualities as well; it will significantly improve your riding experience.

Last but not least, don't overlook fit and adjustability. It's essential to have a tight but flexible fit while cycling to retain agility. You can alter the fit of gloves to suit your preferences by using adjustable closures like Velcro straps or pull tabs. The fit shouldn't be too tight or loose to be uncomfortable. Cycling gloves should have these essential characteristics to keep our hands safe and pleasant throughout each ride.

Recommended Brands and Models for Every Rider

We have you covered with these highly regarded brands and models for any rider seeking the best comfort and performance.

The ASSOS Summer Cycling Gloves S7, is the first, made for the utmost comfort during those sweltering summer rides. These gloves' lightweight, tough design offers exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties. They're ideal for long-distance cyclists thanks to their unique cushioning system, which maximises traction while reducing pressure points.

The GripGrab Supergel Cycling Gloves are the next in line; they're renowned for their outstanding shock absorption and superb grip in all weather situations. These gloves feature DoctorGel padding, which improves fit while lowering hand fatigue and numbness. Both road cyclists and mountain riders will find these gloves the perfect fit because the sweat-wicking fabric keeps your hands dry.

The Pearl Izumi Select Men's Glove is a good alternative since it provides riders with outstanding fit, longevity, and protection. These gloves guarantee comfort and performance with gel-foam padding to cushion your hands throughout lengthy rides and a safe hook-and-loop closing system.

Santini Brisk Mesh Cycling Gloves are ideal for cyclists who value ventilation without sacrificing protection or grip. These gloves have a back panel of breathable mesh that keeps your hands cool even during strenuous riding sessions. They also have anti-slip silicone patterns to keep control of your bike at all times. The touchscreen compatibility of these gloves makes them stand out from other types, so you can simply use your phone or GPS without taking them off!

You may invest in high-quality gear that provides the utmost comfort and peak performance on every ride with the wonderful selections available to meet the diverse needs of riders everywhere. Cycling gloves should have the following top features, and we've discussed the finest brands and models for each rider. We're sure you'll find the ideal pair to improve your cycling experience with the help of these selections. Always remember that choosing the perfect gloves considers comfort, grip, protection, and style. So go ahead and give a few of our recommendations to improve the comfort and safety of your travels.

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Catherine Anderson

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Excellent jacket

Great looking jacket that does the job keeping you warm. I bought a size up from my usual size and it’s perfect.

Great delivery and service.

Alba Nicks

Love the Santini Alba nicks, they fit perfectly.

Good Winter Gloves

Well made and a good fit. Sizing seems about right although I do tend to go up a size to get a good length on the fingers (found this with other brands as well) and I'm close to the upper limit of the size anyway. These gloves work very well keeping the cold out till it gets into the lower single figures. Quite comfortable on the bars and no issues braking or changing gears.