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February 23, 2016

Choosing The Perfect Cycling Socks

Let's Talk About Socks - Yes, Socks.

Boring topic? You bet ya. But like it or not, socks can have a huge impact on your comfort, affecting your overall cycling performance.

With a good pair of socks, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them but with a bad pair of socks, you'll be riding up hill all the way. 

Let's start with the right kind of socks.

The best socks will have strong cushioning at high-impact areas, provide a comfortable foot temperature, are breathable and keep moisture or sweat away from the skin. Superior socks will also come with antibacterial protection. There are four things to consider when choosing a pair of cycling socks.

1. Temperature

In Summer, thin socks, usually made from polyester, provide a lot of comfort when riding. In Winter, Merino wool is the way to go. They are warm, well-insulated and protect feet from wind chill but also keep moisture away and remove odour. Having a staple pair of Summer socks and Winter socks is ideal for every cyclist.

2. Breathability

Breathability is particularly important in Summer where sweating is common. Good socks have quick drying fabric and mesh in certain areas, to wick away sweat so the feet remain dry. These types of socks will also dry quicker after you wash them so cycling trips are ready sooner.

3. Padding

The most important part of cycling socks is having proper padding. Avid cyclists can form blisters on their feet from the friction of socks rubbing on the skin. Reinforced padding around the heels and toe area will help protect the feet from pressure against the pedals and prevent blisters forming.

4. Length

There is much debate amongst cyclists about the perfect length of socks. Some will swear by longer socks for the added warmth and athletic look. Others prefer ankle-height socks because it avoids tan lines and they don’t require tighter elastic; they are less likely to roll down. In the end, sock length and colour is a matter of personal preference.

So, although buying specific socks for cycling may seem silly at first, the added comfort of breathability, temperature control and padding is a very practical choice for cyclists’ needs. When you try on your next pair of socks just remember, it should feel like you’re not wearing any socks at all.

5. Style

Acessorise to go with your kit, your bike or just contrast a black kit. Socks can add a bit of zing to  your outfit! There are some really interesting designs and colours - even some practicality with high visibility and reflective elements

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