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August 09, 2017

Best Bicycle Bib Shorts - some candidates!

In store, we find bib-short selection one of the longer fitting processes. Like with any other piece of cycling apparel, which pair you select is based on your shape, time in the saddle and riding type. We believe bib-shorts when you are ready are the most comfortable pair of bike shorts to wear as they have less pressure around the stomach which increases comfort on long rides whilst the straps mean you are never at risk of shorts which perennially slip down. We have compiled a brief list of criteria and our suggestions for men, and a review of the four women’s bib-shorts we stock in store.

Long Distance

In this category, we are talking in excess of 120-140km rides or greater than 3.5 - 4 hours. We have focused on our shorts in this grouping with the thickest chamois designs.

Assos T.Cento_S7- $439.99

The ultimate long-distance cycling bib. It features a slightly more comfortable cut, extra ventilation and support through the front and the thickest of the chamois padding range developed by Assos. While these are not the cheapest bib-short around, they provide the best comfort and some of the best quality on the market.

DeMarchi Perfecto Lux - $319.99

The Perfecto Lux bib-short from DeMarchi doesn’t just provide handmade Italian manufacturing, it also features reflective silver fabric on the back of the leg for safety in low light. It has a multi-layer foam chamois providing fantastic comfort, and owners of these and the Assos Cento bib-short believe these are on par if not better than the Cento. These are more of a firm fit than the Cento, and have a longer leg length. If you’re very tall and leaner, we recommend these.

Everyday Riding:

Assos T.Mille_S7 - $229.99

Assos developed this bib-short as an entry level pricepoint with a comfortable cut. They feature the S7 Mille chamois which is 8mm thick and features extra layering through the sit bones essentially. A good everyday bib which will still be comfortable on longer rides. Note: these bib-shorts give a lot with wear so please ensure they are quite firm when trying on initially.

DeMarchi Classico – $189.99

A lighter weight lycra is great for the warm Australian summer climate. These incorporate the Elastic Interface chamois DeMarchi has developed over years of research and it provides good comfort. It was one of our best selling bibs for 2016/2017 and the overall fit is very popular with most body shapes.

Santini Git Gara - $199.99

A mid range Santini bib famed for it’s gel chamois. Santini have recently updated their chamois to add an additional layer of foam on top and a lot more channelling compared to it’s previously quite flat and unisex chamois. These are a smaller fit and suite average height. If you are tall and lean strap length is potentially an issue (see notes below on the Santini Nat Smart bib-short).

Taller, leaner or racing:

Santini Nat Smart - $239.99

The Nat Smart features a superior compression fabric, extra leg length and a smaller sizing scale. If you want a firm fit or longer leg length, these are the bibs for you.

Assos T.Equipe - $329.99

These bibs are a narrower cut and a racing cut. They feature a wider chamois than the T.Mille and a nicer top layer to prevent skin discomfort. These feature a firmer lycra for more support.

Assos Campionissimo – $599.99

When only the best will do… the top of the range Assos bib-shorts. They claim to save watts and feature a lightweight almost crepe like fabric. These are a true race cut and have a free floating top layer of chamois as previously seen in the Assos T.FI_13 range topping bib from the S5 generation.

DeMarchi Perfecto Lux - $319.99

These were tried on by a 6’3 Climber of 70kg in size small and rated as one of the most comfortable bibs he’d ever tried on!

Women's options:

Assos T.Laalalai_S7 - $329.99

Assos have replaced their two options of women's bib-shorts with a single option between the two previous models. It features a similar chamois to it's older siblings, but they have reduced panelling significantly and replaced the older hook style closure on the front with a magnet. It has a mid-range leg length to suit most sizes.

DeMarchi Leggero - $195.99

A lightweight lycra bib-short with a shorter leg length to suit racing cyclists and all day riding. It has a comfortable Elastic Interface chamois and a longer strap length which suits taller people. These are great for Australian summers.

Santini Gil Rea - $189.99

Featuring a slightly updated gel chamois increasing the width with a softer felt like edging around the chamois, these bib-short's are very comfortable. They use a moderate weight lycra and laser cut legs to prevent cutting in around the thigh. They have nice grey edging on the seams for a great contouring effect and a central strap system to be comfortable for bustier women.

Craft Glow - $189.99

These bibs have a clip on the back to enable faster trips to the bathroom. Featuring a nice chamois and reflective spots on the leg band they are a really good looking bib-short. These suit most height ranges across all sizes as the clip on the back allows for adjustable strap length.

If you have any more questions about these bib-shorts or others, give us a call!

Cheers, The Team

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