Benefits of bicycle bibs versus shorts for both men and women


It may be a leap to try bicycle bib shorts for the first time but they offer many advantages over shorts - which is why all professional and vast majority of better riders use them by preference!

  • They are simply more comfortable - without an elastic waistband, and the structure keeps the nick and chamois in place better and without pressure points. Riders who try bibs typically tend not to go back to old style bicycle shorts.
  • There is more choice - as better riders use bib shorts most manufacturers release more, and better quality shorts, in the bib style. Many small brands do not do shorts and major brands (i.e. Assos, Santini) have a very reduced range, and typically suited for less advanced riding.


Who does not use bib shorts?

Many triathletes especially in competition where they use a short to pull over their swimming gear, or use a tri short or tri-suit with an integral thin chamois.

More women use knicks than men - for the added convenience in bathroom breaks.

Casual riders who use "Mountain Bike Shorts/Shy Shorts" for reasons of modesty and the added convenience of pockets. Though true mountain bike competition riders use bib shorts.

Hope this helps watch the video for more.

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Great jersey!

Typically Assos, great fit and style. Super comfortable and functional.

Assos S7 Gloves

Though initially tight to get on - after a few rides, these gloves live up to the Assos reputation, glad I invested - quality construction, padding just where required and a striking look - like a glove!...

Blue assist jersey

Great kit and wonderful service

I ordered a pair of expensive bike shorts and thought they would arrive soon and thankfully I received a tracking number with the order number and tracking number.
My order stated the number of my street but the person from CS put the incorrect address on the order therefore I did not receive a delivery card stating that the parcel had been delivered. Because my item had not been received I was able to trace the item back to the post office but because my licence did not marry up wit the same address they would not hand the goods over to me . It is now 3 weeks later and I have just received the item after having to do a stat dec...not happy about the long drawn out process all because the address was not correct. As for the quality of the item, well the excitement has gone so I am unable to comment.

Santini jersey

Quality reduction but typically small Italian sizing . Size chart needs to be bigger when viewing. Great service in changeover.