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BBB WaterFlex shoe cover - a good choice


BBB WaterFlex bicycle shoe cover - keep out that miserable weather!

This is a well balanced shoe cover that makes a good choice for most cyclists. It provides the features,  high water resistance, and good warmth and durability - at a reasonable weight.

  • Water proof - maximum water resistance
  • High wind resistance - and covers all the vents in the shoe
  • Warm - mid weight thermal fabric with fleeced inner surface. This provides a good balance of warmth, wind and water resistance without undue weight
  • Foot strap - allows tightening to fit, and also the convenience of putting on like a sock before putting shoes on
  • Useful reflective elements on the rear zip and outer side areas
  • Zips and straps to allow adjustment



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Great shorts

Rate them highly.

Looks great, fits well.

Got this for my dad. He loves it! Says it fits well and is waterproof.
It makes it easy for him to dress for the best visibility depending on the weather.
Also provides wind-proof for added warmth.
Will recommend :)

Assos jacket

Lovely and warm,well fitted

Warm Knicks

Good and comfortable knicks for the cold weather. Good chamois pad. Good cut in the front. They keep my thighs warm on those cold morning rides.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Does what it says on the can!
Unlike some others, the lid stays on over rough MTB trails.