Uvex Sportstyle 802 Variomatic sunglasses - Gloss Blue

The Uvex Sportstyle sunglasses Gloss Blue with Variomatic lenses provide a versatile option for any time of day. The frame is a bright blue and white colour. The lenses auto adjust the lense darkness according to light level. The lenses are shatter-proof.

The glasses have an adjustable nose piece and are a small-medium size fit. They have an anti-slip nose piece and ear socks.

Uvex has won many awards for their sports glasses throughout Europe and are designed in Germany. 

  • Photochromatic type lense - light adjusting
  • Anti slip adjustable nose piece
  • Anti slip rubber ear socks
  • Lower edge of lense is frame-less to allow for less vision disruption from frame
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Shatter proof lense
  • Category 0-3