Uvex Sportstyle 116v Sunglasses - Matt Black

The Uvex Sportstyle 116 sunglasses Matt Black with variomatic lenses are comfortable and minimise the frame to enhance peripheral vision.

They feature the Variomatic lense which is light adjusting depending on how sunny it is. These are great for rides at dusk and dawn when the light levels are changing. 

The lenses are shatter-proof.

The nose piece is adjustable to help suit multiple nose shapes and is made of anti-slip rubber.

The glasses are a medium to large fit. They have anti slip rubber on the ear sock as well to prevent sunglasses from slipping off.

Uvex has won many awards for their sports glasses throughout Europe and are designed in Germany. 

  • Variomatic lense self-adjusts in varying light conditions
  • Anti slip nose piece which is adjustable
  • Anti slip rubber ear socks
  • Lower edge of lense is frame-less to allow for less vision disruption from frame
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • One piece lense
  • Shatter proof lense
  • Wrap around lense for extra protection