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How to Ride: Your Complete Guide to Bikes and Cycling book

Recreational cycling is in the midst of a huge boom in popularity across Australia. But without the right information, it can be an unpleasant experience, even painful or dangerous.

‘How to Ride, Your Complete Guide to Bikes and Cycling’ takes beginner and ‘would be’ cyclists by the hand and steers them safely through the maze of misconceptions towards safe, fun cycling.

Starting with wise advice about what type of bicycle to buy, ‘How to Ride’ then shows riders how to correctly fit their helmet, safety check their bicycle and ride safely and efficiently.

Using diagrams and extensive colour photographs, ‘How to Ride’ takes the mystery out of changing gears and the safest ways to make turns, with special tips for less confident cyclists.

There is a comprehensive chapter about cycling with children, showing the best way to teach children how to ride and all of the different child cycling options from trailers and baby seats through to kid’s bikes.

‘How to Ride’ features step by step photo sequences for the most basic bike maintenance, such as how to fix a flat tyre.

Although ‘How to Ride’ is certainly not designed for racing cyclists, it includes an armchair viewer’s guide to cycle sport, which briefly explains the basic rules of the various cycling events that you might see on TV during the Olympics.

There’s even a cute animated ‘flick cartoon’ on the bottom corner of every page that illustrates the benefits of cycling in a light hearted way.


  • 352 full pages
  • Coloured, glossy pages