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BBB Tools & Tubes Can (Small black 450ml) Alternative to a sea

BBB Tools & Tubes Storage Bottle (Small - 450ml) is an alternative to an under seat pack for tubes, tyres etc. This small size is big enough for most purposes. Light weight, water proof and durable it can take a tube, tyre irons, CO2 cylinder and inflator, tyre patches, some cash with a little room left over. It contains the same amount as a typical medium/large under seat bag and is much more convenient than carrying these items in a jersey pocket.

It also stops your riding buddies nagging incessantly at the café about how unfashionable you are with the under-seat bag and making analogies that cannot be repeated on this website.


  • Fits in standard water bottle cages – no fitting required!
  • Wide mouth makes access easy - with robust but simple screw lid
  • Light weight, durable and water-proof
  • Moves weight down the bike to the optimum location - making bike marginally easier to handle
  • Easily removed for security and storage