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BBB AirBoost Floor Pump - easy quick inflation

The BBB Airboost  floor pump is a full size floor pump that makes regular pumping of bicycle tyres easy. Inflates quickly and efficiently to 130 psi. Suits both Presta (French)  and Schraeder (American/car) valves. Available in-store only as impractical to ship

  • Inflates to 130psi/9bar - enough for high pressure road bikes
  • Accurate pressure gauge displays both bar and psi
  • Ergonomic handle and long length makes pumping both easier, quicker and more pleasant
  • Steel barrel with an overall length of 620mm.
  • DualHead pumphead and thumblock lever.
  • Stable composite base

Most road bikes require frequent pumping (say twice a week) and other bikes less frequently. A larger volume and physically taller pump such as this makes the task much easier.

Available in-store only as impractical to ship



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Good value + good quality. Not as warm as you may expect.

Sizing chart is very accurate, but if in doubt I recommend going up a size. May not be as warm as you expect of a "fleecy" jersey, So I would say that it HAS to be worn over a base layer or under a light weight jacket. It's early days usage wise, but it looks like it is very good quality.

Projel gloves

gloves too small but staff very happy to exchange, very good service and great to be able to talk to staff on phone thanks

mmmmmm cumfy

Wore it the first time today in Perth in 8C over along sleeve jersey.
The first 15 minutes it was toastie warm. After about 20 minutes a slight chill but it was nice as it kept my operating temp even. After 23kms and 51 minutes arrived at work and was surprised at how good I felt. Minimal sweat, good stretch and very comfortable.. Very happy with it.
Overall very happy with the product and service from cycling sports.

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True fit, comfortable and flattering style with the best chamois I have experienced! Great now the mornings are cooler.

BBB Men's Quadra thermal longs - Warm legs (no pad)
Great Winter Riding

Great for my winter commute - warm and comfortable