BBB Cycling

BBB AirBoost Floor Pump - easy quick inflation

The BBB Airboost  floor pump is a full size floor pump that makes regular pumping of bicycle tyres easy. Inflates quickly and efficiently to 130 psi. Suits both Presta (French)  and Schraeder (American/car) valves. Available in-store only as impractical to ship

  • Inflates to 130psi/9bar - enough for high pressure road bikes
  • Accurate pressure gauge displays both bar and psi
  • Ergonomic handle and long length makes pumping both easier, quicker and more pleasant
  • Steel barrel with an overall length of 620mm.
  • DualHead pumphead and thumblock lever.
  • Stable composite base

Most road bikes require frequent pumping (say twice a week) and other bikes less frequently. A larger volume and physically taller pump such as this makes the task much easier.

Available in-store only as impractical to ship