Assos Cycling Clothing

Assos Skinfoil Evo7 spring/fall black long sleeve


Assos has taken something which was already fantastic and improved it with the release of the Skinfoil Evo7 in the Spring/Fall weight. Featuring long sleeves for colder conditions, it will keep you warm and dry all day long. The fabric has been revised due to the consolidated temperature range and is recommended as a layer in conditions between 10 and 25 degrees. Fit of these items will be close to the body to allow seamless layering of jerseys.

If you want to give Assos a try, these bases are a fantastic addition to any cyclists wardrobe.

  • Long sleeve for additional warmth
  • Lightweight wicking fabric to prevent the chill damp clothes can cause on descents and in the café after your ride
  • Slick fit to allow a good fit under any clothing