Assos Cycling Clothing

ASSOS roboCap_607 (Black Volkanga) - Slim Under helmet warmth


The Assos roboCap_607 in Black Volkanga is the perfect lightweight, slim, yet warm  Winter cap to keep the chill from your head and ears when the weather turns cold. The Assos roboCap is designed to fit skin tight on your head, cover your ears and to fit comfortably under your helmet. With two layers on the ears and forehead it delivers most warmth where it is wanted

  • Made of warm and very soft and very breathable RXQ fabric
  • Double-layered around your ears and forehead - delivers warmth where needed and helps avoid overheating in the other areas
  • Elastic suspenders (loops)  that ensure a secure grip on your eyewear
  • Subtle reflective stripes on the back and side