Assos Cycling Clothing

Assos FuguSpeer_S7 Sock black/white - the ultimate cold weather sock


For people who are planning on riding in freezing and wet conditions, the Assos FuguSpeer sock is a serious sock to add to your wardrobe to prevent numb toes.

Rather than using wool blends, this sock has a rubbery membrane to block water and wind from the front section of the foot. This layer encases the sock itself which is the same roubaix fabric they use in the top of the range legWarmers_S7. This secondary layer acts like an insulation layer for warm air to pocket into or toe warmers can be slotted into the pockets. 

The warm roubaix fabric finished with a longer cuff length to ensure that your ankles remain warm. These socks can be worn with another sock underneath or on their own.



- Water repellent front section to prevent toes getting cold

- Roubaix finish throughout rest of sock for extra warmth

- Longer cuff length to ensure ankles and lower legs are kept warm

- Rated between 6 and -6 degrees

- Finished with zigzag stitching around top of cuff to prevent friction and flat seams throughout