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Assos Skin Repair Gel

The Assos Skin Repair Gel helps to relieve discomfort and repair skin damage and irritation caused by friction against the saddle area during prolonged hours on the bike.

The natural ingredients mean it's gentle on your skin.
Apply a thin layer of gel directly to clean dry skin in the affected area.

Suitable for relieving discomfort and repairing skin damage caused by friction after long hours the saddle.

Effective, long-acting performance due to the use of natural ingredients with an anti-irritant, skin normalising action, which aids tissue repair processes. Formula based on natural ingredients, containing no colours, perfumes or preservatives. Suitable for men and women, all skin types.

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Great shorts

Rate them highly.

Looks great, fits well.

Got this for my dad. He loves it! Says it fits well and is waterproof.
It makes it easy for him to dress for the best visibility depending on the weather.
Also provides wind-proof for added warmth.
Will recommend :)

Assos jacket

Lovely and warm,well fitted

Warm Knicks

Good and comfortable knicks for the cold weather. Good chamois pad. Good cut in the front. They keep my thighs warm on those cold morning rides.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Does what it says on the can!
Unlike some others, the lid stays on over rough MTB trails.