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Santini Special Edition Collection

Santini have brought out some fab Special Edition collections to clebrarate some of the Tours we all love - one is La Vuelta! Unforgiving team and individual time trials, explosive, high-altitude finishes, and who-knows-what kind of weather make the Vuelta a race that can break a champion or launch the career of an up-and-comer. The 2019 Vuelta inspired Santini to create cycling kits that celebrate both the toughness of the race and the beauty and history of Spain. Santini started by selecting the best fabrics to build form fitting, technical, race-ready garments. They then put the kits in the hands of their design team, led by cycling’s most thoughtful designer and storyteller, Fergus Niland. The result is a beautiful collection of jerseys, bib shorts, caps and socks to make up inspirational commemorative kits that reflect the race we all love so much, and the people and places that serve as its backdrop. 

The other is the Giro d'Italia. The Maglia Nera collection celebrated the infamous black jersey awarded to the man who finished last. Inspired by the mischief and the tenacity represented by this noble award, we are proud to offer the 2019 Santini Maglia Nera, which is affectionately called L’Arte di Perdere (The Art of Losing). The design incorporates two specific graphic elements, the stylized background image, adapted from a photo of the Passo del Gavia, the cima coppi of this year’s Giro d’Italia and the geometric text pattern repeating the word NERA. Inspired by Ticcozzelli, you’ll find a white star on the sleeve, a homage to Ticcozzeli’s Casale football team jersey.


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Usual Assos wear. Quality but you pay for that. Cyclingsports delivery had it placed interstate in 3 business days

Santini jersey

The sizing on this jersey is very small, however I had no trouble returning it & Andy was very helpful with choosing a replacement.
It’s not as warm as I would have hoped so needs to be worn with a wool layer & delivery was prompt.

Colshield tights

Great pants, warm well fitting & good pad.
They were there within a couple of days & the staff were so helpful with sizing & return on another item.

Don’t wait buy now!

The best valve base layer on the market. This is the second one I have purchased as I didn’t want to miss out in the future. Delivered to my door in record time.

Winter tights

With nights getting into minus temperatures, good, warm tights are a necessity. I already had a pair of the BBB tights shown in the advertisement so I had no hesitation in ordering another pair as they are warm and very comfortable. The pair that arrived are also warm and comfortable, but they were not the same as the ones I already had or the ones advertised. Blue instead of red trim and a mesh panel behind the back rather than a solid cloth panel plus an orange shaped chamois rather than the solids red panel were all changes I was not expecting. The result is that the tights are nice to wear, but I would have liked to have known about and considered the changes before I purchased.