Chain Lube - Rock N Roll Gold (all weather) - easy & our favourite

Rock N Roll Gold bicycle chain lube is the ultimate all-weather lube. It's easy, quick, and our favourite! It is a dry lube that is simple and quick to apply, dries dry and helps clean the chain. The Gold lube is great for all bikes, in all conditions. If you're unsure which lube to use, this is the one for you!

Simple to use - just squirt on while backpedalling until the entire chain is wet. Then, continue to backpedal for 5-20 seconds to allow the lube to penetrate into the links where the it;s needed. This also "floats" muck to the surface of the chain, which you should then wipe off with an old rag. Doing this regularly will make your drive-train components last longer, and run smoother!

We recommend re-application for this lube approximately every 500km of regular riding, after each wet or rainy ride, or as otherwise required if your chain starts to squeak or feel rough.



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