June 24, 2016

Now that winter has well and truly arrived, we are seeing more and more demand for warm winter gloves. The most frequently asked question we get in store this time of year is which glove do I need for my requirements? Everybody can relate to that feeling of having their fingers frozen off, and it’s something we all dread!

Things to consider are level of need for warmth, wind resistance, water resistance, breathability, palm vibration pads, & bike feel...and how much you feel the cold in your hands.  There are often some trade-offs between features - i.e water resistance and breathability, warmth and bike feel – though the more expensive gloves typically reduce this through more expensive materials and construction.

We have compiled below information and some recommendations to meet your needs.


15+ degrees

Think: middle of the day riding when the sun is out but with a cool wind.

We recommend the Azur L10 series and GripGrab Running Expert

Level of protection: Light

  • Classified as a glove liner
  • Wind resistant, lightweight, not bulky

Our staff in store love this glove for early cold mornings in summer and as a lightweight glove in winter for racing, or training on the warmer days. This range is also popular with the commuters who have a short ride once the suns up.

Also consider: The Assos Tiburu glove. This is a bit warmer than the standard glove liner. 


10-15 degrees

Think:warmer winter mornings and average winter days.

We recommend the GripGrab Hurricane; Assos Early Winter Glove.

Level of protection: Moderate

  • Moderate glove weight with one layer
  • Normally windproof and water resistant
  • Still has quite good dexterity

Our Staff agree this temperature range suits most and covers people for most winter riding conditions who won’t be venturing out on days below 8 degrees. Good for cold racing days as they still provide moderate dexterity.


5-10 degrees

Think:Winter mornings, early, and windy freezing days.

We recommend the GripGrab Windster 

Level of protection: High

  • High level of protection: often will have a top layer and an inner liner layer built in
  • Always windproof, and usually waterproof as well
  • Still moderate dexterity

Our staff see this as their go to before 10 am winter glove range.


Sub 5 degrees

Think:You ride no matter the conditions, and maybe want to venture up into the alps for some snow or out the back country roads where it’s easily below 0.

We recommend the GripGrab Polaris and Assos Bonka 

Level of protection: Extreme

  • Ultimate protection provided with at least two layers and normally an inner insulating product
  • Windproof, waterproof, snow proof.
  • OK dexterity

Our staff see these as the gloves for those who feel the cold or are winter warriors on their bikes. You will lose some dexterity but getting cold fingers leaves you with the same trouble and numb fingers!


Rain specific gloves

  • Assos Rain Gloves - Neoprene fabrication with lots of grip and leaves it with a function similar to a wetsuit (these are warm).


 Author:   Margeaux Thompson – Cycling & Sports Clothing store team and sponsored road racing rider in the Australian National Series




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592 reviews
Tiburu equipe gillet

Wear it in midst of Sydney winter over jacket and baselayer. Autumn /spring works well over summer jersey and baselayer. Note a tight fit. If you wear medium Mille need a large here and that still snug

Classy comfortable bib shorts

I bought these after a bit of research reading comparison reviews and my own experience with bibs free other leading makers. I was looking for a really comfortable chamois in particular, for the longer rides. Definitely the best bib shorts I have ever worn. High class material and beautifully made. Pricey but well worth the money in my opinion.

Endurance LS jersey

I have only just started using Endura gear and really like it. This top fits very well and the size charts are spot on. Comfy and warm and good lining around neck. I wear it with their winter vest and it is excellent.

Assos Tiburu Glove

Since the mid 90's i have only been Assos product so it was a no brainer to keep buy their product. The Tiburu glove does everything it claims like all Assos product. 100% happy with its performance! Unfortunately for me however after less than 4 weeks of ownership the stitching has started to come undone around the palm of hand. It's the first time in 20 years i've had one of their products fail. It's not the end of the world. Hope i can get this minor issue rectified.


Good fit ! A bit to low the v shape in front, needs to come up higher !