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What I wore today for winter riding - Louise

Posted on 09 July 2016

With the best range of winter cycling clothing to choose from I am often asked what I wear! Here is what I wore today.

This morning was the pick of the week so far in Melbourne with a brisk sunny 5 degrees this morning.

Layering is the way to go for this weather. I chose the Assos Intermediate jacket/jersey  with a long sleeve base layer over winter bibtights. The Intermediate jacket is deceptively lightweight – the Stratagon windblock fabric on the front is highly effective, whilst the arms and back are a thinner material designed to go over a winter base layer at this time of year. Assos highly ergonomic fit is highly comfortable and effective for the base layer to wick moisture easily and I stayed warm and dry. The men's version is one of David's favourites as well.

I feel the cold a lot in my hands and feet, and today was the first ride with the GripGrab Windster gloves which are rated for zero to ten degrees without too much bulk, and have good gel padding. I was glad that my hands stayed comfortable and warm throughout. I often get a delayed effect of very cold hands in the hour or so after my ride, but had no such problem this time. For more read the winter bicycle glove guide and recommendation  blog  just ridden by Margeaux (who rides in the national race series).

Booties are mandatory at this time of year – the BBB waterflex easily keeping out the wind and providing some warmth. These are so easy to put on and off, as there is a Velcro strap under the foot that allows you to put the shoe cover on before the shoe, then just pull over the top of the shoe when that’s on.  I like the  GripGrab design for this but they don't have that velcro convenience.



 Cold feet are a regular problem for me as well, but the BBB ErgoPlus socks provided all the warmth needed. Can understand how they’ve won awards.


A wind jacket in the pocket (Craft Featherlight) was great to stop me cooling down too much whilst having coffee, and an extra bit of protection for the short ride home from the café.


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